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Japanese Cooking Workshops


Culinary Experience 


Kakyo's Kitchen

Welcome to my cooking workshop page!

Discover the secrets of Japanese Cuisine.

“WASHOKU” 和食, Japanese cuisine has been registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2013.

Japanese food is healthy, tasty and has a lot of variety.  It is equally important that the food looks attractive for your eyes. 

Kakyo's Kitchen creates a space where people can come together and share the passion for cooking and eat delicious food. 

Each cooking workshop has only a handful of participants, which allows me to help everyone individually. It also ensures that you really will be able to cook all dishes at home yourself. We share a good time discovering Japanese food culture in a relaxing and fun atmosphere. 

Join me and let's have our “Japanese Culinary Experience” together!

In Kakyo's Kitchen cooking workshops, we will make:

  • Delicious Sushi or unique art-design Sushi

  • Tasty homemade Japanese dishes 

  • New foodie friends

Online cooking workshops are possible too and have proven to be very popular the past few years.

Looking for something fun to do on a special occasion?

  • Celebrations? Children's Birthday Party?

  • Fun event with families and friends? 

  • Team building event? 

Let me help you to create your memorable moments with a customized cooking workshop. ​​(online or in person)

In case you don't want to do a workshop but want to pre-order

freshly prepared Sushi / Japanese food for your special occasions, please contact me.

Looking forward to seeing you in Kakyo's Kitchen!

About me

Hi, I am Kakyo

I was born in Nikko, Japan, surrounded by beautiful mountains and historical monuments, north of Tokyo. 


My cooking journey started at a young age, often helping my mother in the kitchen. I have learned about Japanese food culture, which has a deep-rooted respect for tradition and appreciation for nature.

Growing up with those experiences, cooking became my passion.

I left Japan and lived in different countries, such as The Netherlands, Singapore and now in Basel, Switzerland.

Soon, I realized how much Sushi and Japanese Cuisine are loved by people around the world. I wanted to share my easy, delicious and authentic Japanese dishes with other food lovers.


I qualified myself as an Art Design Sushi instructor, called Kazari Maki Sushi” in 2018. (JSIA Tokyo Sushi Academy).

I would love to introduce you to this special food art. It is exciting to make and you can express your artistry in a single Sushi roll.

I invite you to join me in my workshops. Allow me to take you on a tasty journey to Japan! 

Kakyo Tajima

​多島 加京



What participants say

“Many thanks for your cooking experience. You spoiled us with your calm and professional appearance. For sure your cooking created a memory for my birthday that I will not forget and keep as one of my few precious moments in my life. So BIG thank you, and please keep in touch.”



(Personal chef)

“Thank you so much. It was absolutely lovely and more. We enjoyed it so much and your kind and calm help was so good. Both girls loved it!.”



(Family Cooking Workshop)


“A tasty journey to Japan”



Kakyo's Kitchen

Kakyo Tajima

4104 Oberwil (BL)


Tel. +41 79 423 6646


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