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Japanese Culinary 
Team Building Event

Looking for a new experience for your team?

Kakyo's Kitchen has a perfect solution for your next team building event!

Cooking together is a wonderful way to bring people together.  

Try something new, being creative outside your office. 

Japanese culinary experience will make you all excited, engaged as a team and the most of all, having fun together! 

Please contact me for the consultation.

We can discuss the availabilities, the form of workshop (on-site or online) and which workshop is suitable for your team, depending on the number of participants and your time schedule.

Kakyo's Kitchen 

Kakyo Tajima

Tel: +41 79 423 6646


Sushi Workshop 

Enjoy making your own sushi!  

In this Sushi session, we are going to make various type of sushi rolls. You will learn the classic Maki's, including Ura-maki (inside-out roll).  Perfect workshop for everyone.


Japanese Home Cooking Workshop 

Cooking Japanese cuisine.
We are going to make a few original, healthy and delicious dishes with clear guidance.  
You will learn to prepare some easy recipes of our favourite Japanese food.

On-site event: 

The venue will be selected. 

Online event:

I will provide you with all the information you need prior to the session such as the lists of ingredients, kitchen equipment, recipes and recommendations of where to buy all ingredients. 


We had really nice time spent during the workshop, the quality is there at all level, Kakyo’s is an outstanding teacher and makes it easy for everyone to follow. Tips and tricks, good mood and at the end good food.

Jet Aviation Sushi Workshop


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