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Sushi Nigiri & Temari

Nigiri-sushi, Temari-sushi

Service Description

In this workshop, we will make the classic Nigiri and decorative Sushi, “Temari”. Nigiri-sushi has a long history in Japan, and it is still our all-time favourite. You will learn how to cut your Sushi grade fish to make your Nigiri. Temari is a beautifully decorated one-bite size Sushi ball. We will use various toppings to decorate, they are perfect sushi for a party! Lots of useful tips and tricks will be shared during this workshop. After we made sushi, we will have a relaxing time with sushi lunch. I love to hear your sushi making experience! Participants : 4 - 6 Price : CHF 135 p/p. Duration: 3.5 hrs (10:30 - 14:00) * Vegetarian/ Vegan workshops can be arranged. * Please inform in advance in case you have any dietary requirements or allergies. * Online sessions are possible, pls refer to “Online Cooking Workshops”. Please contact me for more information / bookings by submitting the Contact Form. (Pls. Indicate” Sushi Nigiri & Temari”)

Booking & Cancellation

Limited spots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please read “Booking & Cancellation Policy” for more information.

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