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Sushi Ura-maki

Inside-out Sushi Roll

Service Description

In this workshop, we are going to make an Inside-out style Sushi roll called “Ura-maki”. California roll is one of the most popular Uramaki, but there is more! Lots of useful tips and tricks will be shared during this workshop, and your Uramaki will look so beautiful and delicious!! After we made sushi, we will have a relaxing time with Sushi lunch. I love to hear your sushi making experience! Participants : 4 - 6 Price : CHF 120 p/p Duration : 3.5 hrs (10.30 - 14:00) * Vegetarian/ Vegan workshops can be arranged. * Please inform in advance in case you have any dietary requirements or allergies. * Online sessions are possible, pls refer to “Online Cooking Workshops”. Please contact me for more information / bookings by submitting the Contact Form. (Pls. Indicate” Sushi Ura-maki”)

Booking & Cancellation

Limited spots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please read “Booking & Cancellation Policy” for more information.

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