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Grilled Miso Salmon 
Miso Salmon
Glass Noodle Salad
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Japanese Home Cooking Workshop

 September 16th (Sat.)

Time  : 10.30 am - 02:00 pm. (3.5 h)

Place : Kakyo's Kitchen in Oberwil (BL)

Participants :  Min. 3 - Max. 5

Menu : Gyoza, Grilled Miso Salmon, Glass Noodle Salad

           * This menu is not vegetarian.

Price  : CHF 125 p/p.

  (All ingredients, recipes, lunch and non-alcoholic drinks included) 

To secure your spot, please review the Booking & Cancellation Policy first and submit a Contact Form, indicating the name of workshop + date”.

In this hands-on workshop, we are going to make Gyoza, Grilled Miso Salmon and Glass Noodle Salad.


1) Gyoza, the popular Japanese pan-fried dumplings are so delicious!

Learn how to make the tasty fillings (chicken and veggie), folding technic of iconic half-moon shape and pan-frying oh so crispy! 

2) Salmon dish with Miso. Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning. We use this healthy Miso not only for famous Miso soup but also for fish, meat and vegetable, delicious sauce and more. I will show you tasty grilled salmon & vegetables with Umami Miso sauce.

3) Glass noodle salad. Healthy alternative for a vegetarian / Vegan dish.

After the session, we will have a relaxing time and have lunch together.

Let us enjoy our culinary experiences and Japanese meal together!

There are only limited spots in each workshop.
So, please sign up using Contact Form!

* Please inform in advance in case you have any dietary requirements or allergies.


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